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Meet Sohail Zaka

Sohail has been working in I.T development for over 20 years. Having worked in software houses and manufacturing he has a unique insight in developing systems to meet differing business needs. Sohail now owns and runs K2 Software and has successfully developed systems for the Vita Group, Renold Plc, Scapa and Warburtons.

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Meet Howard Davies

Howard is our Technical Director with 20 years experience in developing and supporting systems from SME's to multinationals.

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Meet Steven Goodram

Steven has been working in developing dynamic cloud based systems for over 10 years.

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What We Offer

K2 Software serves a global client base with sites around the world using 14 different languages. Our systems are rapidly configured; bespoke; intuitive and easy to use; scale easily to support new functionality, additional users and complex organisational structures. Systems are multi region, multi site with built in translation.

We pride ourselves on our effective response time, and our ability to be flexible to your requirements. Our standard support is Mon to Friday 9am to 6pm. You can contact us by phone or email. The standard response time is within 8 working hours. However we will go out of our way to accommodate your support needs if they are outside of the norm.

Need to add your own ideas or develop your screens? This is not a problem. One of our most recent projects is a bespoke Change Management system built from scratch to our clients specification.
Our packages come with development time included. This allows you to evolve your system to meet your future needs. Our combined support and development gives you peace of mind and flexibility to change things when you want.

Why use bespoke Software?

Why use bespoke software rather than an off the shelf solution?.
Would you buy a suit that was 2 sizes too big or 2 sizes too small. The same applies to software. Off the shelf products often do not provide everything you need in a system. Bespoke software can be tailored to fit like a glove and is can also be less expensive.

You can buy off the shelf software which can save time on development. But often it only covers 70% of your requirements. What to do about the other 30%? Will the provider develop modules, and how much will they end up costing?

Off the shelf software is shared by multiple customers forcing you take on fields, functionality and reports that are of little or no use to your business. Costly upgrades are forced upon the end user, these upgrades can also change system functionality without your consent.

This is when bespoke software comes in to it's own. As the business environment evolves your system can evolve to meet your changing needs. We often find that businesses are using multiple excel files to manage functions in their business, this can become difficult to manage and inefficient. This is where a bespoke solution comes into it's own. Bringing data and functionalty together reducing time and costs.

  Accident Reporting

Accident/ Incident / Near Miss and Environmental reporting. Spread health and safety throughout your workforce or organisation and gain support for health and safety by involving employees at all levels.

  Action Management

Create and report on actions. Import actions from Excel. Attach documents. Automatic emailing when actions are due or past their target due date.

  Risk Management

Report and manage risk to your business. Assign risk owner, set next review dates and identify mitigating controls. Score risk by Impact and Likelihood. Attach documents and export to excel. View risks on our Heat Map and Risk Dashboard.

  COSHH Database

Create a COSHH database. Record product information such as supplier, colour, storage, dimensions, quantities and attach datasheets. Save details of exposure and who is like to be exposed.


Dashboards can be filtered by site / region and can be drilled down to individual reports.

Accident dashboard includes Body Parts Injured, Recordable Accidents, Accident Frequency Rates and RIDDOR.
Action dashboard detailing, open actions, actions past target date and number actions open and closed over 12 months.
Risk dashboard detailing Risk Heat Map, Risk Trend Analysis, Overdue and Completed risks.

  Visitors & Employees

Welcome visitors with our touchscreen system and present site safety requirements. Allow visitors to see your products and services using our slideshow presentation. Notify visitee on arrival and visibly see your visitors on a fire list. View, print or email a fire list.

See what time employees have started and ended their day. Report weekly using timesheets. Manage holidays and training requirements.

  Trainer Software

Software to manage your training business. Manage training bookings, training types, customers, delegates and tutor availability by calendar year. Generate and auto email certificates on course completion. Report on training refreshers to generate repeat business.

  Change Management

Manage change throughout your business. Effective management of change reduces business risks, and identifies issues early on. Poor change management can lead to signifcant disruption, for example the TSB IT meltdown in May 2018. Types of change New/Leaving Employee, New Supplier, Product/Pacakaging, Process, Engineering etc. Enable all stakeholders to be involved in the process, with required sign off to complete the change process.

  Contractor Database

Manage contractors and their employees. Track insurance renewals, inductions and approvals.

Why use K2

  • Software built for you

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